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27 87 is a chic and modern perfume house out of Barcelona founded by Romy Kowalewski in 2016. In their own words, 27 87 co-creates rather than dictates, the here and now. No memory, no past: This is a line of progressive, inquisitive perfumes that are canvas and complement to an unadorned now. They are about making memories as opposed to drawing on memories from the past.

They believe in the philosophy that everything they do matters (the skeptics may call this a kind of narcissism others call it introspective mindfulness). 27 87s mindset is about awareness, who they are, how they understand and meet the industry and world around them. It’s about how they do business and resonate with the contemporary.

The founder

Romy Kowalewski was born 27 June 1987 in Germany. As the daughter of professional bakers, she learnt early on to distiguish tastes and smells. She embarked on her fragrant journey aged 26 in Paris. After 2 years she secured investors and backing and launched 27 87 in 2016.

As a millennial Romy wanted the brand to define her audience and generation, the here and now and as a result decided to name the brand after her day and year of birth. Romy teamed up with internationally renowned perfumers like Mark Buxton to craft fragrances that encapsulate the contemporary spirit of the new world. 

Sustainable Scents with Local Artisans

What sets 27_87 Perfumes Barcelona apart is its commitment to quality and sustainability. Romy collaborates with local artisans who are masters at their craft, ensuring that each fragrance is a masterpiece of minimalist design and eco-conscious production. These scents reflect the essence of the brand: pure, sustainable, and undeniably contemporary.

A Fragrance for Every NOW Moment

27_87 Perfumes Barcelona is more than just a fragrance brand; it's a declaration of the "here and now." One of their bestsellers, #Hashtag, takes inspiration from the digital age, symbolising the world of digitisation and instant connections. Genetic Bliss, another remarkable creation, delves into the essence of our DNA, representing the very core of our identity.

Embodying the Millennial Lifestyle

The entire 27_87 collection revolves around key aspects of the millennial lifestyle. It embraces the daily presence on social media, the excitement of exploring new destinations, the sensation of sea salt on your skin after a day at the beach, the joy of living life to the fullest, and the freedom to be your unique self. These fragrances capture the spirit of the modern generation.

Embrace the Fragrance of NOW

27_87 Perfumes Barcelona invites you to embrace the essence of NOW. With Romy Kowalewski's visionary approach to fragrance and a commitment to sustainable practices, this brand has redefined the art of scent. Each perfume is a tribute to contemporary living, a reflection of the digital age, and a celebration of individuality. When you choose 27_87, you're not just choosing a fragrance; you're choosing a lifestyle, an attitude, and a scent that captures the spirit of today.

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