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Goldfield & Banks Australia is a name that authentically embodies the essence of place. Founded in Sydney in 2016 by the visionary Dimitri Weber, this brand has taken the perfume industry by storm, capturing the aromatic beauty of the Australian continent in every bottle.

Dimitri’s journey to creating Goldfield & Banks began with a profound love for Australia's landscapes. Dimitri has French and Belgium roots and spent decades in the luxury fragrance industry in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.  As a world-wandering fragrance artisan, he was determined to encapsulate the fragrant essences of the extraordinary beauty of Australia - from the lush aromatic botanical to the turquoise fringe coasts, ochre red interiors and dramatic terrains.

The result of Dimitri's quest is a luxurious and precious collection of gender-free fragrances, each championing exceptional pure and rare Australian essences and oils that remain largely unexplored in modern perfumery. As the brand grows in notoriety, so do these Australian ingredients. 

Goldfield & Banks is not just a brand; it's a testament to the fusion of French fragrance methodologies with the desire to create the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.

A Name Inspired by Australia

Even the name, Goldfield & Banks, pays recognition to the land that inspired it. 'Goldfield' pays tribute to Australia's rich goldfields. There's a wonderful legend associated with Australian sandalwood – it's said to grow best on fields of gold. 'Banks' is a reference to Joseph Banks, the first European botanist to explore the botanical wonders of Australia.

Local Ingredients Make All the Difference

What truly sets Goldfield & Banks apart from the competition is Dimitri's passion for using local Australian ingredients. The brand incorporates exceptional ingredients like sandalwood and golden wattle into its fragrances. But perhaps the most noteworthy example of this commitment is found in 'Silky Woods,' one of their most popular products.

In 'Silky Woods,' Goldfield & Banks uses agarwood, a precious ingredient that can cost more than $100,000/kilogram. Dimitri Weber's dedication to showcasing Australian native botanicals in their full variety is unparalleled. In fact, 'Silky Woods' is the only perfume in the world to contain agarwood grown in Australia, making it a truly unique olfactory experience.

These fragrances are not just scents; they are stories of the Australian landscape, crafted with passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast or simply seeking a way to connect with the extraordinary essence of Australia, Goldfield & Banks has something special to offer.

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