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In the heart of Sydney's Pott's Point, a small flower shop named Grandiflora bloomed to life in 1995. Founded by Saskia Havekes, this quaint shop has not only thrived over the years but has also transformed its creator into a renowned figure in the world of floristry, literature, and fragrance creation.

Aesthetic that Transcends Blooms

Grandiflora is an embodiment of Saskia Havekes' unique aesthetic. Her influence stretches far beyond the world of florals, touching interior styling, hospitality, fashion, and editorial realms. Saskia infuse her creations with drama and scale whether it's an artful posy or a grand installation, Saskia sculpts beauty from the bounty of nature and the ever-changing seasons.

From Flowers to Fragrances

Saskia's journey from florist to fragrance creator is a remarkable one. In 2013, Grandiflora expanded its horizons by launching its first two fragrances in Paris, France. These fragrances were about encapsulating the essence of rare and exquisite flowers.

A Fragrant Tribute

The first fragrance, Sandrine, was a tribute to its perfumer, Sandrine Videault, who sadly passed away shortly after completing the formula. It aimed to capture the enchanting scent of newly opened Magnolia grandiflora flowers. Michel, the second fragrance, was named after perfumer Michel Roudnitska and sought to capture the bloom's aroma at its zenith. These fragrances were a labor of love, inspired by the floral wonders Saskia had encountered throughout her career.

A Floral Symphony in Perfumes

Over the years, Grandiflora continued to explore the world of fragrances. Collaborating once again with Michel Roudnitska, they created Madagascan Jasmine in 2015. In 2016, Queen of the Night blossomed into existence, followed by Boronia in 2017, crafted in partnership with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Each fragrance was a meticulous study of a rare flower, a tribute to the beauty Saskia had discovered through her passion for flowers.

The Interpretive Essence of Grandiflora

In 2021, Grandiflora marked its 25th anniversary with the launch of its most recent fragrance, Grandiflora SASKIA. This perfume represents the very essence of the Grandiflora store itself, capturing the spirit and soul of the place that has been a cultural cornerstone of Potts Point for over two decades.

A Floral Legacy in Fragrance

Grandiflora is a journey from petals to perfumes, with each fragrance telling a unique story and celebrating the rare and beautiful blooms that have graced the world of Grandiflora. So, step into the world of Grandiflora and let their fragrances transport you to a realm where nature's beauty meets olfactory artistry.

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