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In the world of niche fragrances, a unique player has emerged, offering more than just scents; it offers the essence of who you are. Ilk is a fragrance house with a collection of layerable unisex fragrances that draw inspiration from stories rooted in human nature. But what sets Ilk apart is its innovative approach, allowing you to play with scents as you do with your moods, environments, and desires. The fragrances are not just standalone; they are designed to be layered, each enhancing and subduing different facets of the other.

Founders at the Heart of the Story

Annabella Fasano-Leslie, the Olfactive and Creative Director of Ilk, has a lifelong affinity for using scent as a medium to tell stories and craft her own moments. The concept of Ilk took shape during her years as a Psychology major, where she studied the intricacies of human nature, memory, and identity. After spending eight years in the advertising world, collaborating with leading creative agencies to help global brands define themselves, she decided it was time to bring her fragrance dream to life. Finding a perfect partner in Holly Hutchinson, the Managing Director, was the final piece of the puzzle.

Holly Hutchinson, with a history of bringing five perfume brands to the market, including her own brand, Memoize London, brings a wealth of experience to Ilk. Her expertise in fragrance production and development, coupled with her keen understanding of the customer experience, makes her an invaluable addition to the team. The decision to join Annabella on the journey of Ilk was a natural one, and their collaboration has given rise to a brand that aims to celebrate the contradictions within us, encapsulating human nature in fragrant stories.

Quality and Sustainability at the Core

Ilk's commitment to quality and sustainability shines through every aspect of their brand. They use only the highest quality ingredients, carefully selecting notes that create harmonious and surprising blends. The entire production and manufacture process is kept within 80 miles in the UK, ensuring a close eye on quality and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Packaging with a Purpose

Ilk takes a holistic approach to fragrance, even extending it to their packaging. Their boxes are handmade in Leicester by artisans using recycled Italian paper, and they go a step further by contributing to the World Land Trust. 

With every paper package, there's a carbon payback, aiding in the replanting and preservation of a rainforest in Vietnam. The artistic caps on their fragrance bottles are handmade by artist Daniele Rubino, using eco jesmonite and resin with unique elements like dried dandelion seeds or offcuts of metal.

 These caps are more than just adornments; they have a recommended second life, doubling as mini plant vases or paperweights. Additionally, each box contains a limited run A5 print from Joe Horner, a British National Portrait winner featured in Elle and Vogue.

Nature and Charity - A Deeper Connection

Ilk is not just about scents and stories; it's also about giving back to nature and the community. Inside each box, you'll find wildflower seed-infused postcards, allowing you to plant your tribute to nature. Furthermore, Ilk has a strong commitment to charity. A significant portion of sales, not just profits, goes towards supporting the planting of trees in cities in collaboration with the charity Trees For Cities via Workforgood. This initiative extends its impact internationally as well as in the UK.

Conclusion: Ilk - Where Scent Becomes a Canvas for Human Nature

Ilk Fragrances stands as a testament to the power of scent in storytelling, capturing the essence of who we are. With a unique approach to layering fragrances, a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, and a deep connection to nature and charity, Ilk redefines what it means to create and wear a fragrance. When you choose Ilk, you're choosing more than just a scent; you're choosing an olfactory journey that celebrates the multifaceted nature of human existence.

Shop ILK contradictions