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Imaginary Authors, founded by the perfumer Josh Meyer in 2010 in Portland, Oregon. The brand is far from your conventional perfume house and was born from the mind of a self taught perfumer. Bored by the world of real estate, Josh’s passion, imagination and work ethic brought into fruition a distinctive fragrance brand that melds the world of literature with the art of scent. 

Scent as Art and Provocation

Meyer believes that "scent is art, and art is provocation." This philosophy permeates every facet of the brand. From conceptualisation to the creation of each fragrance, Meyer approaches his work as if he were crafting a literary masterpiece. Each scent from Imaginary Authors tells a captivating, joyful, and surprising story, enriching the wearer's life.

Fragrances with a Narrative Twist

What truly sets Imaginary Authors apart is its commitment to storytelling. Each fragrance is accompanied by an intriguing storyline, complete with captivating twists and turns. Designed to spark the imagination of the wearer, enhancing the olfactory experience. Meyer's deep-rooted love for literature, including novels, poems, and essays, inspired him to match each scent with a unique story.

Bottles as Unique as the Stories

Imaginary Authors takes inspiration from literature not only for its fragrances but also for its bottle designs. Each bottle boasts a theme-based artwork, akin to a book cover. The bottles' sleek, rectangular form provides a canvas for a striking array of designs, ranging from collages to art nouveau and pop art.

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