Liquides Imaginaires

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Established in 2012 by the imaginative mind of Philippe Di Meo and David Fossard’s business vision, this fragrance collection is an invitation to explore uncharted emotional landscapes and immerse yourself in the evocative world of scent.

A Creative Vision Unveiled

Philippe Di Meo, the creative genius behind Liquides Imaginaires, brings to life an unparalleled collection of fragrances. His ceaseless curiosity and artistic intuition culminate in scents that surpass conventional boundaries, challenging the norm.

Unraveling Transformation through Scent

At Liquides Imaginaires, transformation is a fluid and emotional journey. It stimulates curiosity, offering fresh perspectives on reality, allowing the imagination to transcend limits. The brand remains steadfast in honoring the genuine transformative power of perfumery beyond its superficial associations. Each fragrance is represented by a Tarot card and belongs in a Trio of scents where each scent represents a chapter of a book. 

Immersive Packaging and Symbolism

Each bottle from Liquides Imaginaires is a vessel of storytelling, inspired by the amphora vessel that held precious liquids in ancient times. Embracing symbolism and narrative richness, these bottles house scents that go beyond the surface, just as the brand's commitment surpasses mere aesthetics. Every detail speaks of a profound dedication to the essence of each fragrance's narrative.

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