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In the world of fragrance, 2019 marked the birth of the French fragrance house, Maison Matine. Arthur Ponroy and Marie Kellou decided to embark on an olfactory adventure and established Maison Matine with a collection of fun scents, with a chic modern design. The brand name itself, a playful fusion of 'mutine' (French for mutiny) and 'matin' (French for morning), reflects their ethos of daring to be different every day.

The Creative Duo

At the helm of Maison Matine, you have Marie Kellou as the Creative Director and Arthur Ponroy as the Brand Manager. But their mission extends far beyond simply making people smell good. Maison Matine is driven by a desire to do good in the world. For every bottle sold, one euro is donated to a charitable cause that aligns with the inspiration behind each fragrance. Rather than dwelling on the past, as many fine fragrance houses do, they are committed to representing what's important in the world right now.

For Every Generation

Maison Matine's appeal knows no age limits. Their fragrances are designed to resonate with a generation spanning from 15 to 70. In a world characterised by openness, cultural diversity, and shared concerns about climate change and social issues, Maison Matine seeks to bring positivity and joy to everyone.

Fresh, Accessible, and Joyful

What sets Maison Matine apart is their commitment to approachability and affordability. Their fragrances are not just pocket-friendly in terms of pricing, but also in spirit. Quirky illustrations and a sense of rebellion infuse everything they do. Their scents exude a spirit of joy and positivity, serving as a powerful tool to transform a bad morning into a great day.

The Power of Perfume

To achieve their vision, Kellou and Ponroy collaborated with up-and-coming perfumers at Firmenich, a renowned fragrance design company. They deliberately avoided using superstar perfumers, seeking instead to create entirely new compositions that are brave and uncompromising. Rising scent stars like Adlison Rato, Elise Benat, Ane Ayo, and Philippine Courtière, along with the established Firmenich perfumer legend Fabrice Pellegrin, joined forces to bring Maison Matine's fragrances to life.

Conclusion: Embrace the Rebellion

Maison Matine is more than a perfume brand; it's a rebellion against convention. It's an invitation to change your morning rituals, to choose joy and positivity, and to make a difference in the world, one fragrance at a time. So, join the rebellion, and let Maison Matine's fresh scents inspire you to embrace each day with a daring spirit

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