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Founded in 1270 in the Grande Champagne region of France, the house of Frapin is renowned for their cognac distillery and lineage stretching 20 generations.

In the heart of France, where heritage and tradition intertwine you'll find Frapin—a family-owned artisanal house for over seven centuries that turned its eye to perfumery leaning on skills gleaned from perfecting the delicate process of cognac production. The result: P Frapin & Cie’s fragrances that are highly sophisticated and renowned worldwide.

A Journey Beyond Cognac

The Frapin family remains one of the oldest proprietors in the industry, shaping the world of cognac like no other.

But Frapin is not content with resting on its laurels. Recognising the power of the senses to stir emotions and evoke memories, they ventured into a different realm of artistic expression—the world of fragrance. Drawing inspiration from their cherished cognacs, their rich history, and the land they hold dear, Frapin embarked on a journey to create a line of perfumes that would be nothing short of captivating. Each fragrance, much like the production of their renowned cognac, encapsulates their expertise, fueled by a passion for superior ingredients and a deep respect for tradition.

Crafting Beauty Through Patience

For Frapin, luxury is synonymous with patience. They spare no effort in their quest for the most exquisite raw materials, painstakingly crafting sophisticated and intricate olfactory compositions. It's a dedication that harkens back to age-old customs and values. In the words of Frapin themselves, "the very pinnacle of luxury is the patience to craft beauty."

A Creative Endeavor in Small Batches

Frapin's fragrances are a labor of love, created in small batches to preserve their unparalleled excellence. Perfumers are given the artistic freedom to fully express themselves through fragrance, drawing inspiration from the family's venerable cognac collection. This approach not only ensures the uniqueness of each fragrance but also infuses them with a touch of artistic brilliance.

Honoring Tradition in Every Detail

Every bottle of Frapin perfume is a work of art in itself. Adorned with beech wood caps crafted from trees that grace the family's 300 hectare estate in Grand Champagne, the caps are a nod to cognac barrels and legacy. Additionally, each bottle proudly displays the family crest—a symbol of Frapin's rich and storied heritage.

Frapin's dedication to craftsmanship and tradition is woven into every facet of their cognac and fragrance production. Their unwavering commitment to quality, from the selection of ingredients to the boundless creativity of their perfumers, sets them apart in the world of luxury. It's a fusion of centuries-old savoir-faire and a profound passion for life's finer pleasures, resulting in sensory experiences that are nothing short of exceptional.

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