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Parfums Quartana is the fruition of Joseph Quartana's journey through the world of scent, a journey that commenced with the establishment of Six Scents Parfums in 2007. Rooted in the belief that fragrances possess the power to encapsulate and convey the unfiltered creativity of artists, Six Scents Parfums set the stage for the emergence of Perfumes Quartana. The brand's mission? To galvanize momentum around meaningful causes through the medium of fragrance, all while adhering to the principles of creativity with a conscience.

Les Potions Fatales: Where Erotic Meets Deadly

The crown jewel of Parfums Quartana's offerings is the mesmerizing collection known as Les Potions Fatales. For those who appreciate the enigmatic interplay between the erotic and the deadly, this collection is a modern-day embodiment of the allure of Poison and Opium. It dives deeper into the realms of sensuality and danger, delivering meticulously crafted scents that enrapture the senses.

Joseph Quartana's creative journey has encompassed several collections, but Les Potions Fatales is the one where he exercised complete creative control. His previous venture, the Six Scents series, had paired emerging fashion designers with accomplished perfumers, translating the designers' visions into fragrant masterpieces. Quartana's innate ability to discern the importance and potential of emerging talents in the fashion world played a pivotal role in this endeavor.

From Fashion to Fragrance

Quartana's transition from the fashion world, where he founded and operated Seven New York, to the realm of perfumery was a natural evolution. His knack for identifying designers on the cusp of greatness proved invaluable when curating the Six Scents series. It was a logical first step into perfumery for someone who had spent his previous career interacting with rising fashion stars.

Quartana's tenure at Seven New York, however, took an unexpected turn with the premature closure of the store following a contentious legal battle with the landlord. This turn of events left a bitter taste in his mouth and fueled his exploration of the concept of poisons. The culmination of his emotions and experiences gave birth to "Les Potions Fatales," a fragrance series steeped in the lore of infamous poison flowers.

Poison and Myth: The Birth of "Les Potions Fatales"

"Les Potions Fatales" is a collection of nine fragrances that draw inspiration from the folklore and myth of venomous plants and flowers. What sets this collection apart is its literal interpretation, as each scent incorporates elements of the poison from which it draws its name, albeit in safe and non-toxic formulations. The result is a series of fragrances that embody the dark allure of legendary toxins and sorcery, each a testament to the artistry and dedication of Joseph Quartana.

A Triumph of Artistry

The journey of Perfumes Quartana has been marked by an unwavering commitment to artistry and a passion for fragrant storytelling. Joseph Quartana's pursuit of excellence culminated in winning a Fragrance Foundation Award (FiFi) for best indie brand in 2011 with the Six Scents project. Quartana's dedication and talent led him to an even grander accolade, the "Perfume Extraordinaire" award, the pinnacle of recognition for an indie brand. In this blindfolded test of merit, Joseph Quartana emerged victorious with "Poppy Soma," a fragrance that reimagines the essence of opium.

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