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Strangers is an indie niche perfume brand from Thailand.  In the world of perfume, there are those who create scents, and then there are visionaries who craft fragrances as cinematic experiences. Stranger Parfumerie is the latter. Established in 2017 by the talented Prin Lomros the Thai perfume house marries the art of cinema and perfumery to weave olfactory tales that transport you to distant lands and evoke emotions like a well-scripted film.

The Dual Passions of Prin Lomros

Prin Lomros, the creative force behind Stranger Parfumerie, is a man of two passions: cinema and perfumery. After immersing himself in the world of film education and the film industry, he redirected his focus to the art of perfumery. However, his intention remained the same—to tell stories. Through his fragrances, Prin aims to create narrative experiences that awaken your imagination, allowing you to interpret the essence of each scent in your own unique way.

Unveiling the Meaning of "Strangers"

The name "Strangers" holds a profound significance. It signifies "The stranger in me," that hidden facet of oneself often overlooked. It also traces its origins to a dream that led Prin to establish this brand—a dream that transformed the trajectory of his life. The core concept behind "Strangers'' is the celebration of life in all its facets, from joy to sorrow, from cherished memories to poignant moments. Each fragrance is a reflection of Prin's life experiences, encounters with different cultures, and even culinary delights. These scents capture fleeting moments and transform them into olfactory adventures.

A Journey Through Fragrance and Cinema

Stranger Parfumerie's origins in Thailand may seem distant from the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire and Scotland, yet Prin finds these places delightfully exotic and worthy of recognition through fragrance. He crafts perfumes inspired by the beauty of bluebells, meadow flowers, the earthy essence of peat, rainy city atmospheres, and other olfactory memories from his European travels.

Cinematic Olfactory Experiences

Another distinctive thread that runs through Stranger Parfumerie's creations is the world of art-house cinema. Prin Lomros is not just a perfumer but also a film professor in Bangkok. This unique combination of skills leads to olfactive interpretations of cinematic dramas like "Burning," "Call Me by Your Name," "In God's Country," and "The Hours," among others. Each fragrance captures the essence of these films, turning them into aromatic masterpieces.

Conclusion: An Olfactory Odyssey with Stranger Parfumerie

Stranger Parfumerie invites you to embark on a sensory journey where perfume and cinema merge seamlessly. With fragrances that encapsulate landscapes, tell dramatic stories, and evoke the spirit of romantic characters, Stranger Parfumerie creates olfactory experiences that resonate deeply with the soul. It's a brand that blurs the lines between art and scent, leaving you with a lasting impression of the beauty of both.

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