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UNUM, a name derived from the Latin word 'one', representing unity. UNUM is a range of fragrances by artist Filippo Sorcinelli. Each fragrance serves as an olfactory memory to the intense creative fervor that burns deep within Filippo, ignited by the extraordinary and unique facets of his life's journey, marked by fervor, spirituality, and unwavering authenticity.

From Vatican Vestments to UNUM Perfumes

Sorcinelli's remarkable odyssey commenced within the walls of LAVS (Laboratorio Atelier Vesti Sacre), where he meticulously crafted sacred vestments for two esteemed Catholic figures, Pope Francis and Pope Benedict VI. This distinctive path led him to embark on an aromatic quest to create fragrances for the Vatican's sacred robes, an endeavor that profoundly embodies his unique approach to perfumery. UNUM, his inaugural fragrance brand, was conceived from this sacred wellspring of inspiration, unveiling its olfactory debut with the aptly named scent, LAVS, a gentle nod to Sorcinelli's roots.

A Boundaryless Well of Inspiration

For Sorcinelli, inspiration knows no confines, sourcing its magic from a myriad of diverse wellsprings, each contributing to the symphony of scents he orchestrates. Be it architecture, cinema, poetry, music, spirituality, or the ever-unfolding drama of real-world events, Sorcinelli's olfactory artistry captures the very essence of these multifaceted influences. His fragrances serve as a profound reflection of life's kaleidoscope of experiences and ideas.

In Conclusion: Where Fragrance Transforms into Poetry

An accomplished professional organist, with a resumé that includes the crafting of garments for two Catholic pontiffs, Filippo Sorcinelli transcends the label of a mere perfumer. He is a multi-talented artist with a remarkably diverse background, whose life forms a rich tapestry interwoven with threads of music, spirituality, and the metaphysical. It is upon this vivid canvas of existence that he masterfully paints with fragrances, creating an olfactory poetry that resonates with the soul.