How to pick a fragrance gift

Connection Parfumerie  

Choosing a perfume as a gift is similar to presenting a treasure trove of memories and connections, both for the giver and the recipient. It's an intimate gesture that speaks volumes about your consideration. While the task may seem formidable, fear not – we're here to guide you with our top 5 tips for navigating the world of online perfume shopping. Let's make this experience not just seamless, but enjoyable!

Step 1: Begin with Familiar Scents

Discover the fragrances the recipient has used before. This insight unveils their preferred scent profiles and brands. Sneak a discreet photo if you can, ensuring your selection aligns perfectly with their fragrance choices.

Step 2: Unveil the Notes

Once you've uncovered their favorite fragrances, a quick online search can reveal the key notes within. If roses or jasmine frequently grace their scents, explore the 'floral' fragrance category for similar scents. Alternatively, a simple 'rose' or 'jasmine' search may lead you to accompanying delights like scented candles and body creams that harmonize with the chosen perfume.

Step 3: Match Their Character

Consider the recipient's personality traits. Here are some tips:

  • Are they vibrant and lively? Explore 'citrus' perfumes.
  • Do they exude a more enigmatic aura? Venture into the realm of 'earthy' fragrances.
  • Perhaps they possess a sweet tooth – in that case, our 'vanilla' or 'gourmand' options may resonate.

Just remember, perfume is an extension of their identity and style, enhancing their personal ensemble.

Step 4: Figure Out the Fragrance Intensity

Reflect on the recipient's fragrance preference intensity. This should also match the recipient’s personality as it would not make sense for an introverted person to receive a perfume that has a large projection and vice versa.

For extroverts who love a bold statement, opt for Eau de Parfum or Parfum Concentrate. For an introverted touch, consider Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne.

Each perfume's strength is indicated by the abbreviated EDP, EDT, or EDC in their names.

If you are starting from scratch, try our discovery sets so they can discover their own favorite fragrance: Grandiflora Discovery SetGoldfield & Banks Sample Collection or Zoologist Travel Set

So, as you embark on this scented endeavor, let your heart guide you. The act of giving perfume encapsulates emotions, memories, and sentiments. Your gift will become a cherished part of their olfactory story, a reminder of your thoughtfulness and the beautiful connection you share.