Layering Perfumes

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Layering fragrances involves combining two scents either directly on the skin or using scented body products before applying perfume to enhance or alter the scent profile. This approach allows for mixing fragrances in various ways: applying two scents to the same body area, wearing one scent on clothes or hair and another on the skin, among other possibilities. The process of layering is flexible and doesn't have strict rules.

Layering offers the advantage of maximizing the use of fragrances, creating new combinations (2 perfumes layered = 3 unique scents), enhancing longevity, and adjusting the scent according to personal preferences. Below are a few Dos and Don'ts of Fragrance Layering.

DOs for Layering:

  • Layer fragrances with common dominant notes: Matching shared notes can indicate compatibility.
  • Experiment: Trying different combinations is the key to discovering what suits you best.

DON'Ts for Layering:

  • Avoid overly complex fragrances: Simpler scents are less likely to clash when layered.
  • Avoid applying lighter fragrances before heavier ones: Heavy scents can overpower lighter ones to allow the heavier fragrance to dry down slightly before adding the lighter one. (Fragrance Wheel: apply wood/amber before fruity/florals)